Dr. Yasam Ayavefe, serial entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist.

He started his business life in his early ages, and he is now Chairman of the Board of Milaya Capital Limited a dynamic London based venture capital business which has grown fast and evolved into a highly respected masterminds of many sectors as the acclaimed businesses in the UK.

Dr. Ayavefe started his very first initiatives in Mersin and Cyprus, where he specialized on Telecom Programming and in Cyber Security. He started with his investment adventure on the island of Cyprus, continued without interruption in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Balkans and in the UK. He has got his doctorate honoris cause from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM).

Green Climate World project is in the center of his attention with investment that will resonate all over the world. It is a project that aims to improve life on our planet, protection of nature and natural life. Green Climate World which derives from the desire to make our world a better place and leave a liveable world heritage to future generations. Green Climate World is planning to act in line with the mission coming from the idea of afforesting every inch of earth in the world. This project will solve the three biggest problems of our Planet, excess garbage, high carbon emissions and the everlasting need for more funds.

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